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5 Biggest mistakes freshers make during a Job Interview

5 Mistakes We have interviewed thousands of freshers for the top technology and IT companies in India. It's really interesting to see that candidates, who are otherwise very keen, and even desperate, for the job, make these very basic mistakes that put them at a major disadvantage in the hiring process.

1. Arriving Late

Arrive Late Whatever be the excuse, nothing is worse than arriving late for an interview. You would not get any time to compose yourself before the interview. Of course, you can lose your interview opportunity altogether. So even if you already have other job offers do yourself and everyone a favor and reach on time. I recently interviewed a candidate who came 30 minutes late (traffic problems!) and then wanted to leave early because he had an important meeting. We sent him back in 30 seconds.

2. Not knowing enough about the Company

Not Know about company I have interviewed freshers who were looking for their first jobs for the last 8 months without success. But when they did get a chance to sit in a face-to-face job interview, they had not spent even 5 minutes to know a little about the Company, its product, people and the position applied for. All other things being equal, the candidate who engages the interviewer about his own company will have a major advantage.

3. Inappropriate dressing

Inappropiate Dress Clothes matter. Period, Whenever in doubt, dress conservatively. A simple jacket with formal shirt and trousers for men and an elegant western or Indian dress of women will help you go a long way towards your dream career. Avoid informal sandals, shorts or T-shirts, unless the role specifically demand that dress (beach lifeguard?).

4. Not a happy face

Not Happy Face All of us have worries but it does not mean that you should look sad or desperate during the interview. Before the test, imagine yourself getting this job and show a happy confident attitudethroughout. It helps.

5. Not rehearsing for the interview

Not Rehearse Whenever in doubt, rehearse. Before the interview, practice with your relative or friend or in front of mirror, answering questions that can be asked in the interview. You will be surprised with the vast improvement in your answers and your confidence level during the actual screening test and interview.

90% of candidates are rejected in first round!

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