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Cracking aptitude tests during job screening

cracking aptitude Aptitude tests are a standard way of assessing candidate's suitability to the logical reasoning requirements of a job. Generally an aptitude test consists of multiple choice questions and is administered under supervised conditions. These tests are strictly timed - say 40 minutes for 40-45 questions. The biggest advantage for the recruiter is that your score in this test can be compared directly with others to judge your relative suitability for the job.

1. Practice Practice Practice

Practice There is no better way to prepare for an imminent aptitude test than to practice for it and get a clear idea on the type of questions asked. Try taking tests in a simulated real time environment. GJC provides free online aptitude tests based on recruitment pattern of the largest and best employers in India. Try now

2. Time management

Time management It's not important just to know the subject. Most assessment tests are time bound. Move on to the next question, if you are stuck on a particular question.

3. Understand the test format

understand test format I have meta few very smart candidates, who knew they subjects but still failed because they completely ignored the main test instructions. Don't write detailed answers when not needed. Know the duration of test, total questions and different test modules. Then dive into the test with a clear strategy in mind.

4. Understand the impact of negative marking

Negative Marks If not explicitly told or written on test, ask the supervisor if there is negative marking for incorrect answers. It will help you squeezing the last few percentage scores that can be the difference between landing a dream job and still submitting resumes. If there is no negative marking, answer every question to the best of your ability and don't skip anything. The actual strategy to handle negative marking depends on the number of options in a multiple choice question and ratio of full marks per question to negative marks. But in general, if there isnegative marking, answer only when you are at least 50% sure about your choice. Skip a question, if you have absolutely no idea about it.

5. Keep your cool

keep cool An aptitude test can be a little stressful with lots of rival candidates around you, not very sympathetic recruiters and different environment. Believe in yourself and stay calm during and before the test. Ask for help when needed, take test with a clear strategy and stay adequately hydrated. Getting irritated or anxious is not going to help you get the job.

90% of candidates are rejected in first round!

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