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Group Discussion Tips

  1. Always try to be the initiator and concluder of the Group Discussion than being just a passive participant.
  2. Put across your points firmly and try to get others support.
  3. If you find that the discussion as going off-track then don't loose the opportunity to bring it back towards core idea. Interviewers apparently like this a lot
  4. Try to put forwards the latest information on the topic.
  5. Be polite. People may try to provoke you but keep your cool.
  6. Don't interrupt very often.
  7. Keep an eye on the time given for discussion. Score points by wrapping up the discussion if you feel that the discussion is unending but the time is running out.
  8. During conclusion, sum up the discussion with the problem and possible outcomes. This shows your leadership quality.

Best scoring points are:

  1. Initiation of discussion,
  2. Keeping/trying to keep discussion on track
  3. Conclusion on time
  4. Your ability to keep your cool while listening and putting across your points.

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