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Tips for Telephonic Interview

Telephonic Interview

Telephonic interview is an effective manner to quickly and cost-effectively shortlist candidates for a job. Phone interviews are very effective for screening out-of-town candidates before they are invited for in-person interviews. This involves a recruiter speaking to a candidate on phone. It is an effective method to measure a person's communication skills. If you are actively job searching, be prepared for a quick phone interview as you never know when a recruiter might call you for a quick chat. And that quick chat may be the first and last chance you may have for a job with that company.

Interview Call

Prepare for a telephonic interview just as you would for a regular interview. Compile answers to typical phone interview questions and remember exactly what you have written in your resume. Preferably always keep a copy of resume in your pocket or purse during your job hunting days. Be ready for a phone conversation about your education, experience and skills.

If you get an interview call, try to go to a secluded quite place. Turn off television and music. To minimize disruption, tell your nearby friends and family members not to disturb you till the call is over. However, if the place or time is not suitable when you get the interview call, request for a call at some other time and suggest alternatives.

  • Don't smoke, drink or eat during the interview.
  • Take your time to answer a difficult or involved question- it's perfectly acceptable to take a few seconds to collect your thoughts.
  • Remember to thank the person and his organization after the interview and don't forget to ask if it would be possible to meet in person to explain better.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • If you are explaining something at length, make sure to check with the interviewer if he is getting your message clearly.
  • Call the interviewer formally (Mr./Ms/Dr.) and don't use only first name unless the person specifically requests you to.
  • Answer with a smile. A genuine smile travels through the telephone line.

90% of candidates are rejected in first round!

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